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‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease’ WHO


Life as a new mum is often stressful and we frequently find ourselves running at 110% with little time to keep our health and energy levels optimal.

Through harnessing nature’s powerhouse of healing foods you may find improvement in symptoms such as: 

Uncomfortable digestion, frequent colds and infections, 

unstable weight, low energy levels, unruly hormones.

You may have been feeling below par before pregnancy, but the pregnancy itself, breastfeeding, caring for a newborn, as well as possibly running around after older children may be exacerbating old symptoms.

If any of this is ringing bells with you, then please explore my website for information on the range of services I offer, or contact me to arrange your FREE 30 minute clarity call to ascertain whether Nutritional Therapy may help you.


Advice is always based on cutting edge evidence-based nutritional science.



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Happy Clients

It is no exageration to say that Liz Davis has given me my life back. When I came to her for help, my digestive system was a complete mess. I felt like I could hardly digest any food at all and thought I must have something seriously wrong with me. Liz calmed me down, listened to me and gave me easy to follow advice. She totally understood that, with three young children, I needed to have food options that were simple, filling and fast! It is truly incredible what a difference those few simple changes have made to my stomach. My days of stomach cramps are behind me, my clothes fit better and now I can enjoy my food again. I only wish nutritionists like Liz were widely available on the NHS, so everyone could benefit from her life-changing advice.

I asked Liz if she could help with my diet as I was eating a lot of junk and felt unwell and overweight with the food choices I was making. Growing up my staple diet was rice. Liz conducted a very careful and thought out program for me based on the problems I was having and the issues I was facing – I have lost over a stone and feel energetic enough to do regular exercise. I am really happy about how simple the whole process has been. Liz has been very supportive throughout the changes I have made, I would recommend her highly.

Raising a family and running a business was starting to take its toll, by 3pm each day I felt tired and struggled through the rest of the afternoon – leading to late nights to catch-up on work after the children were in bed. I cooked healthy meals every night and was getting plenty of exercise but I felt I was not operating at my best and my weight was spiralling out of control. I got in touch with Liz for some help and advice. Liz ran through my food diary and we identified the peaks and troughs of my day – with just a few changes I experienced incredible results.

Liz’s tailored approach made it really easy for me to incorporate her advice; quick, healthy, portable breakfasts I could enjoy on my way to work, nice healthy snacks that kept me off the caramel shortbread and ideas for protein-packed lunches – the 3pm slump disappeared within a few days and within a few weeks I felt my energy levels, stamina and outlook improve dramatically, and my confidence soared with all the weight I was losing!

It’s been easy to keep up the new habits, freeing me to focus on my family and business with renewed strength and vigour.

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