If you’re ready to take your life as a new parent to the next level of health, vitality and happiness I offer three separate packages which aim to get you back on track.

For further clarity on your situation, please contact me to arrange your FREE no obligation 30 minute call so I can gain further insight into your unique situation and offer advice on which service will be the most appropriate for your needs.

One-to-one consultation


During your initial, and any subsequent appointments, we will agree on a diet and lifestyle plan for you to take away and work on over the course of the following few weeks.  This plan will address your unique health requirements.  Rest assured you won’t be pressured into eating anything you really don’t like – all diet and lifestyle plans are realistic and agreed mutually before you leave the consultation.  (MORE ..)

Three Day Vitality Factory @ Home


Like most of us you’ve probably tried to get on top of being healthy but you don’t know where to start or how far to take it.  Book me for an exclusive three day retreat which conveniently takes place in the comfort of your own kitchen, and you will receive the lowdown on superfoods, supplements and the perfect diet for your unique needs.  Bring along up to two friends and they will receive 50% off the full value price.  (MORE ..)



Imagine how great your life will look after you’ve spent an entire day with a nutritionist who’s also experienced, first hand, the rigours of new parenting.  Let’s get the old you back during a unique day which focuses solely on YOU, or, if you prefer, bring along up to two friends and make a social day of it and they will both receive 50% off the full value price (MORE ..)

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