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As a registered Nutritional Therapist, and mum of two, I am enthusiastic about helping you to regain your energy, brain power and pre-baby figure so you can enjoy being a new parent without too many of the compromises.

Before I had my first child I had an interesting career, an active social life and I thought the addition of a baby into the mix would be easy and seamless. I’d simply return to work after my 6 months ‘off’ and life would go back to normal. If you’re reading this you’ll already have sussed that things weren’t going to be quite as simple as that!

home headerFor one thing, pregnancy puts a massive strain on the body so if you’re not taking adequate care of yourself (which I wasn’t the first time around) the chances are fairly high that you may experience a few additional health hiccups along the way. I ended up with quite a major ‘hiccup’ which resulted in a stay in hospital. Stays in hospital usually mean antibiotic treatment, and this alone can cause an array of additional health niggles. Unfortunately this sort of saga isn’t uncommon.

Sometimes memories from a difficult birth may be traumatic, or it may be a shock having to cope with a new-born for a plethora of reasons, especially if you haven’t slept for nights on end. To add to the mix your hormones will probably be soaring and plunging all over the place. With all this going on and our energy levels at an all-time low, it’s no wonder we may end up as spaced-out, often depressed and anxious shadows of our former selves.

Miraculously, somewhere in between bambino # 1 and 2 I discovered nutrition, and WOW what a difference it made: I managed to eradicate the gut infection I’d acquired during antibiotic treatment (I instantly felt better after this, and yes I did it all naturally). I balanced my blood sugar, increased my micronutrient intake and instantly felt my energy levels soar and my mood felt as though it was off the radar. So impressed was I by how these seemingly minor dietary changes had made such a difference, that I became obsessed by the subject of nutrition – I detoxed, juiced, fermented, supplemented, and ate raw and superfoods before and during my second pregnancy and it was a TOTALLY different ball game. This time around it was relaxed and enjoyable …

… and if you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, then (hopefully) baby will be relaxed, cry less and sleep more. Magic!

In fact, I felt so on top of things that when bambino #2 was 6 months old, I began training to become a Nutritional Therapist – a demanding course, yes. But I managed it through focusing on good nutrition and, as importantly, plenty of relaxing activities.

So, now its your turn to feel good throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, because I’m here to help you with it all – start right away by signing up for your FREE copy of my Post-Birth Wellbeing Plan to get you back on track.

Here’s to your future health and happiness,


Registered Nutritional Therapist

PS – Remember, the sooner you do this, the happier and healthier you and your family will be ..