Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins

These breakfast muffins are gluten free, so your gut will love you for enjoying them over shop bought versions. As they’re also low in sugar they make the perfect breakfast on the go for busy mums, and are also great lunchbox fillers too. INGREDIENTS   150g Gluten free flour (brown rice, potato or shop bought […]


Two minute mackerel pate

This is such a simple and quick to prepare recipe – keep it in the fridge for when the dreaded hunger pangs strike.  Its really rich in protein and omega 3 fats which are so essential for your baby’s brain and eye development when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and it’ll help keep your skin glowing […]


Tackle premenstrual syndrome naturally

Most women (thought to be around 85%) are familiar with the monthly drag of PMS, whether it manifests as moodiness, excessive hunger, bloating, anxiety or more serious episodes of depression.  The average woman will have around 500 periods in her lifetime and they can be incredibly disruptive to day-to-day life – astonishingly while 1 in […]


Water for beauty and vitality

Want healthy, glowing skin and bags more energy?  Extra water may be your answer. Embed from Getty Images It’s often the simplest solutions which are directly under our noses that we tend to overlook.  The number one complaint my clients seem to have is that they lack energy, and a quick check of their food […]


Clever Ways With Carbs

Want to lose some of the post-birth weight but still need bags of energy? Monitoring your carb intake could be the answer. If you’re confused by the ‘carb’ thing you are not alone.  Proponents of regimes such as the paleo diet think we should avoid carbs like the plague, yet the Department of Health recommends […]


Chocolate – a true superfood

#82140869 / It must be the most popular indulgence-food known to man.  Historically held accountable for the bingo wing, double chin and muffin top, and craved monthly by hordes of hormonal women the world over.  But, hold on a minute, does chocolate deserve the reputation with which it’s been burdened? Surprisingly not.  Actually these claims are […]