Functional Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is a great tool to use to ascertain which biological imbalances may be adversely affecting your wellbeing.  It takes much of the guesswork out of case analysis, therefore helping you to achieve the results you desire much faster.

For example, any one of a number of parasites, yeasts or bacteria may be causing your digestion symptoms – testing should reveal the specific one, allowing for more targeted and efficient therapy.  Similarly, we may be unsure which foods may be giving rise to signs of intolerance, again testing will give a more accurate picture.

Prices start from around £20.  Tests commonly used include:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis
Analysis of beneficial gut flora, parasites, digestion, inflammation and absorption.
Thyroid Plus
Gives a full picture of thyroid health status. Symptoms include fatigue, depression, coldness, weight gain, depression and low sex drive.
Adrenal Stress Profile
Analysis of levels of hormones required for the stress response – therefore useful for clients experiencing ongoing stress to ascertain the impact stress may be having on the body. Symptoms may be far-reaching.
Metabolic Analysis Profile
An important clinical tool for treating imbalances underlying metabolic, nutritional, and neurological disorders, allowing customised therapies to restore optimal metabolic health.
Optimal Nutritional Evaluation
Establishes individual needs for specific nutrients and supplements.
Hormone Health (male and female)
Overview of hormonal balance.
Food Allergen Cellular Test
Detects reactions to foods, beverages and additives.
Bloodspot Fatty Acids Profile
Measures levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and aims to establish your optimal balance.

There are many more laboratory tests available, book in now for your free of charge, 3o minute Body & Energy Breakthrough Session to find out if testing may suit your needs, I would love to hear from you.