Water for beauty and vitality

Want healthy, glowing skin and bags more energy?  Extra water may be your answer.

It’s often the simplest solutions which are directly under our noses that we tend to overlook.  The number one complaint my clients seem to have is that they lack energy, and a quick check of their food diaries more often than not shows that they simply do not drink enough water.  If you’re breast feeding it’s doubly important that you listen to those thirst signals and get on the case otherwise you’ll soon be feeling the consequences – lethargy, light headedness and possibly nausea.

Seeing as though water makes up over two-thirds of our bodies, even a slight drop in levels will be noticeable – it’s needed to lubricate our eyes, to keep our skin from becoming dry and wrinkled, it transports waste in and out of cells and prevents constipation.

If you also have young children, getting them to drink enough water can be a mission in itself and is a problem teachers and carers will find it tricky to implement too.

Investing in a good quality water filter will help you.  Water straight from the tap is, frankly, less than appealing with its overwhelming chlorine hue.  So who can blame you for not wanting to indulge in a cold glass of chemical-tasting water over a nice fragrant cup of coffee?  Unfortunately reaching for anything other than water, especially anything sugary or with caffeine will tend to dehydrate you further.  Luckily there are lots of really great under-sink filtration systems you can install, and I personally use a Berkey water filter (  When I have guests (kids included!) they can’t get enough of the stuff and can’t believe water can taste this appealing.

It seems that the old advice to aim for 8 glasses of water a day has been pushed to one side in favour of listening to your body.  The reason is simple:  Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s fluid requirements will vary.  Fluid needs will depend on many factors including the weather, physical activity levels and overall health.  Therefore, to drink when you’re thirsty and to keep an eye on your urine colour, ensuring it stays a pale yellow colour, would seem sensible measures to take.  This is also a really great tactic to use with young children as they are always far more interested in what comes out of their bodies, than what they’re putting into them.

Conversely, drinking too much fluid can leave you with hyponatraemia, a condition whereby salt levels in the body become too low, symptoms include irritability, confusion and fatigue.  So watch out for your urine becoming too pale too.

My personal recommendation would be to stick mainly to filtered water, herbal and green teas.  Replacing cans of coke, coffee and juice with water will result in bags more energy and much healthier skin.


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