Toxins – how they’re stopping you reaching your weight loss goals.

If you’ve started eating healthily and exercising regularly in a bid to lose some of the baby weight, but your efforts are not being rewarded by any fat reduction, the problem may not entirely be down to your diet and fitness levels.  The issue may be that your fat cells are overloaded with toxins.

The body likes to store toxins in fat tissue at a safe distance from our vital organs.  The body not only increases the number of fat cells in which to store toxins, but also expands the size of those cells in order to provide more storage space.  Once they’re safely locked away in our fat cells, our bodies won’t release toxins very easily.

Unfortunately we can’t completely avoid toxins as they’re everywhere – floating about in the air, lurking in our water and in the lotions we slather on our skin.

The best we can do is to help our body process and eliminate them. Ultimately, your body’s ability to get rid of these substances is vital in determining how effective your weight loss program may be.

We’re constantly exposed to toxins through medication, pesticides and normal household cleaning products, to name a few, and after a lifetime’s exposure removing them may be a struggle.  The result – our bodies will hang on to extra fat, simply to have somewhere at a safe distance from our vital organs to dump the toxins.

Alarmingly, during weight loss, these toxins may also be recirculated back into the bloodstream, and if you haven’t ensured your elimination routes are working effectively this may make you feel awful.  As they’re released, these substances may also interfere with thyroid gland function as well as the hormones that determine how quickly you will lose weight.

So, before starting your weight loss regime, it would be wise to try these simple tricks to slowly start shifting toxins out of your fat cells – these will help prevent any detox symptoms as your body fat reduces.  You’re also likely to see results faster.  If you’ve already begun your weight loss program then implementing these as soon as possible will help you enormously:

  1. Swap as many household cleaning and self-care products for natural/organic alternatives as you can.   For example, deodorant, washing powder and kitchen spray.  Switching to organic fruit and vegetables will also help you – signing up for a veg box is a great idea as it gets you using a much wider variety of produce, meaning  you’ll be getting vital nutrients you don’t normally consume.  If you do this you’ll be slowly reducing the level of toxins your body has to deal with, as well as  helping process the ones it’s exposed to.
  2. Aim to drink 8 glasses of filtered or glass-bottled water a day to help the body flush out toxins. Plastic bottles contain hormone disrupting chemicals which may leach into the water.
  3. Never attempt to lose weight if you’re constipated. The bowels are a major route through which the body eliminates toxins, so you need to be having at least one bowel movement a day.  Otherwise constipation will make those toxins circulate straight back into your blood stream.  If you’re going less than once a day, increase your water intake and ensure you’re eating plenty of foods high in soluble fibre such as apples, oats, beans and blueberries.
  4. Skin brushing is amazing for so many reasons, not least because it stimulates the lymph system.  The lymph system is the exit-route for much of the waste the body wants to get rid of.  Skin brushing will really help get those toxins moving by increasing circulation to the skin and allowing the body to get rid of them.   This also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Cellulite is simply fat, and because that’s where the body likes to store toxins, if you decrease your toxic load, your cellulite will reduce too.  Spending just a couple of minutes a day, before having a bath or shower, brushing from your hands and feet towards the heart will benefit you greatly.
  5. Epsom Salt baths, which are full of magnesium, really help to draw out toxins. As magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and is termed ‘natures tranquiliser’ it’s a really great way for mum’s to detox and relax after a non-stop day, so treat yourself to one or two each week.


Your body’s ability to process and remove toxins from your system is absolutely vital in you reaching your health and weight loss goals, so give it a helping hand with the above points and you’ll be looking and feeling great in no time.


Good luck 🙂

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